Taxes are being processed a refund date will be provided when available?


Issue by raysuns20: Taxes are currently being processed a refund day will be offered when available?
I e-submitted my taxes through H&R Block one/31 and shortly right after wards I obtained an email that explained my taxes ended up recognized by the IRS. On 2/8 WMR nonetheless explained processing. I checked this early morning and now I get the status of “Your tax return is nevertheless currently being processed. refund day will be provided when offered.”
I am trying to be client I known as the IRS once all through this method and hoping I’ll get a DD before long. I haven’t been ready to buy my 2012 transcript, but I know some men and women obtained their DDD and nonetheless weren’t in a position to order transcripts. No anxieties there. Has anybody experienced this status message and if so how prolonged was it ahead of you got a DDD?

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Reply by Chris
Verify your lender wmr is not that exact. Also a lot of men and women are getting ddd the identical working day the refund is sent. Great luck to you. I invested 9 times processing due to the fact Liberty Tax produced an mistake and the IRS had to fix it.

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  1. My dates are the same as yours. We will probably get our deposits before they update the status. Tons of people who filed when we did are still stuck on processing. Just keep checking the bank. Good Luck

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