How long does it take to receive an amended return?


Concern by ct_expertise_scout: How long does it just take to obtain an amended return?
I filed an amended return for tax 12 months 2010. The IRS told me that it will take twelve – 16 weeks (3 to four months) to obtain an amended return, owing to the delays that they experienced in the commencing of the tax calendar year. So, that currently being stated, does anyone know if you will find any likelihood of acquiring it quicker?

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The IRS receives your return. Possibly you are asking about any refund? The 12 to sixteen 7 days time-line is about proper throughout and soon soon after tax time. Amendments filed effectively outside the house of tax period normally operate eight to 12 weeks for processing and mailing of any ensuing refunds.

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  1. chatsplas on said:

    As long as the post office takes to deliver it

    Generally the citizen files a tax return and receives a tax refund
    Any paper return takes 4-12 weeks, minimum
    An amended return with a 5405 takes 8 to 22 weeks

    There’s always a chance of receiving your refund sooner. . . .the IRS is pretty efficient, but it gets hung up with paper returns because they require hand processing as they look at the mistakes in the first return and corrections in second return, and check for offsets or injured spouse filings, etc.
    Generally better to do your tax return right the first time, to wait for all documents and to check it out thoroughly before filing

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