How often does the IRS update the “Where’s My Refund” status of your tax return?


Query by Jeff: How usually does the IRS update the “Where’s My Refund” position of your tax return?
Right now would be seventy two Hours. Turbotax stated they have approved my return but I would like confirmation on the Jan 29 day that Turbotax said my refund would be deposited

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Response by Tori B
You need to possibly see an update before long, if I recall accurately the irs updates their web site every single Wednesday. And Turbotax deposit dates are normally place on.
This is the Irs efile refund cycle chart

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41 thoughts on “How often does the IRS update the “Where’s My Refund” status of your tax return?

  1. Tracy on said:

    I used TT too and WMR is not updated yet, some people have gotten updates on IRS already..It worries me cause Turbotax is having a problem this year, I was accepted but it said Extension accepted, when i asked TT they said it was just an error when it read extension but it was accepted.

  2. Jeff on said:

    Same situation here…..I filed on 01/13/10-knowing I have to wait till 01/15/10 for the IRS to begin accepting it. TurboTax says they’ve been “accepted” but I’m wanting to confirm my refund will be coming on 01/29/10 as it says on the IRS refund cycle chart…

  3. Bash Limpbutt's Oozing Cyst© on said:

    If you’re having your refund sent directly to your bank account it’s not at all unusual to have your money in hand before the WMR page is updated. Updates to the WMR page are not a priority with the IRS and it can take a week or two from the date that your return is accepted before it reflects any status.

  4. Monaya M on said:

    I too am waiting for the update, if any of ya’ll recall last year a lot of returns were delayed by one week due to kinks in the IRS system my deposit date changed at the last minute.

  5. Lisa on said:

    i got my status update today on 1/20/2010. it said i should recieve my direct deposit by feb 2nd. I filed on the 15th. Im not sure why it would say the second, because the irs only cuts checks on Fridays. It is most likely they are giving the banks enough time to post paymnet. I also called the Refund hotline at 1-800-829-1954, and it gave me the same answer.

  6. cchrissy74 on said:

    We filed ours the 14th of January 2010 and I have seen no updates on the irs website yet! We also had them done at H&R block and got denied the instant loan! we have gotten the loan previous years! But,H&R block stated to me that the return was excepted.The question I have is why am I not seeing it was accepted? H&R also said it would be deposited the 29th. They had also stated that I would be able to see it was accepted after 72 hours and it has been that …nothing yet!!! grrrrr Maybe the holiday monday has something to do with it?

  7. dillyfifi on said:

    oh my goodness i am so fruastrated hr block sent me an email saying that my retuen was accepted but when i check irs website it does not give me any information is anyone having this same problem?

  8. Nicholas on said:

    I am having the same issue I have only seen one person that said they got information from wheres my refund yet. Its nice to no I’m not the only impatient person who desperately needs the refund. I do the same thing every year and it always works out ok usually a couple days before the date the irs tells me good luck everyone.

  9. Lucious on said:

    No update here. I guess I’m goin to bed now. I will check in the morning and make sure to keep everyone posted of my status. Goodnite!

  10. mikeysprincss on said:

    it updated for me. it says my refund is processing and will be to me by feb 2. turbo tax and the irs publication says jan 29 (i know they only do refunds on fri) so i guess that is just then giving a couple days for the banks or whatever.

    I checked early in the day yesterday and it didnt have a status so it updated last night some time for me. I filed yesterday as well.

  11. el_andme on said:

    Same thing happened to me. I get an error message to “make sure your info is correct”.
    I know they process refunds every Friday, so who knows. I never filed on the very first day they accept efile, so who knows!

  12. melissa on said:


  13. Sapphire on said:

    I am getting the same answer, I used Tax Act, it says my return was accepted on 1/18, filed on the 17th. According to the irs website, it says either typed wrong, then when put what date I filed. It states it can not give me any information. I am praying that the cycle calander is correct. It’s worrying me, but like someone just said maybe because of holiday monday it’s not updated, but why for some is it showing up but not for others????

  14. mrsvb1 on said:

    I also did my tax with turbo tax and got the same info you recived. So I have not seen an update so I call and was told mine is processing and should be in my account on the 29th. I eeven asked her why turbo tax says 72 hours and she said it should not because they can not gurente that. Over all she said wait til Monday and check the status. Sorry if there is some mispelling got a new phone so I am still learning this touch screen.

  15. Tammie on said:

    I filed through TT on 1/15 and got accepted by IRS on 1/18. Today Where’s My Refund finally showed an update and it says I am scheduled for direct deposit on 1/26 (before the 1/29 date for the cycle chart?!) My brother filed at the same time and and was accepted before me and there is still no update for him on WMR.

    UPDATE: My refund hit my account at 10:30 this evening (1/21/10). The IRS really is doing DD before the 1/29 cycle date.

  16. Lindsey on said:

    I am in the same boat I filed on the 14th was accepted by IRS on the 17th accourding to Turbo Tax but the IRS website has no information. So I guess I am just in waiting mode. Very frustrating.

  17. Jacky on said:

    I filed 1/15, accepted 1/17 and no update on WMR. It seems many who filed after 1/15 have been updated already. Very strange. For those who are getting deposit dates of 1/26, It used to be that the IRS would give a Tuesday deposit date and the deposit would actually be in the bank the Friday prior.

  18. April B on said:

    I also was wondering that. i finally did manage to speak with a live person who said that my return was received and being processed. She said that there is no set reason why the website is not updating, only that because alot of taxes were sent electronically on the 15th it may take another day or two to update. She told me not to worry that it was there. I filed on the 15th accepted on the 17th if that helps those in that filing group.

  19. keep real on said:

    I was a little worried to. But i know that last year the same thing was happening so patience is the key here. I would say give it just a little more time. I have some things planned with my taxes so that is making me a little anxious. Today would be my 72 hrs two but there was a holiday maybe thats the hold up. We shall see!

  20. Scott M on said:

    I believe the the IRS WMR website updates nightly between 3:30am and 6:00am eastern time.At least they tell you the site will not be avalible during these times so this must be their updates time.I also filed and was accepted on the 18th the irs webiste has not updated for me as of yet.

  21. Mike on said:

    It is 7pm EST, the WMR site is down. I noticed that some people have gotten the 26th as a predicted DD. They also have a new E-file system running concurrently with the old system. There has been rumors that this newer system will net faster refunds. I filed on the 7th w/ TT, accepted 17th @6pm PST. Still nothing shows for me, but i am really interested in possibly tomorrow being a DD day not disclosed by the IRS.

  22. antonio on said:

    i actually am a verrrry pisssd off person because me and my wife filed through turbo tax and it got rejected at 3:20 am 1/18/10,it said that we each entered the wrong adjusted gross income when we entered the amount from the irs,our old tax return,plus our w2,i went back in and just used our last years pin and it was actually accepted in,i swear to god 20mns at 3:52 am 1/18/10.the reason i am extremely pissssd is because i checked wheres my refund at 12:30 am wednsday morning 1/19/10,the site specifically said my refund was accepted and being processed and that it would be direct deposited in my account by the 2nd of feb.that morning my wife got out of work at 9am and i wanted to show her because of us getting rejected the 1st time and it was all accepted now,when i went in to show her the damn site then said they have no info on my return and that it could take up to 3 wks for any information.i wonder how many other people this happend to that dont even know it cause they didnt check when it had info.the hotline and the wheres my refund site still to this date says the same b.s after saying that it would be deposited on the 2nd,even though the irs site also says direct deposit is on the 29th thats another problem in itself.i called the irs they say that they have my return and that it could take 3wks for any info.i told them screw that and their basic answer they give to everyone that, that aint the answer i am accepting cause mine changed from depositing on the 2nd to showing nothing.i am irritated and want an answer.also screw this person on these blogs or whatever on yahoo that keep telling everyone how they are overreacting and that wheres my refund is not a priority to the irs,you obviously are just a rude person that must work for the obviously havent seen whats been going on with the economy.people want whats theirs.

  23. doodlebug on said:

    I’m having the same problem. I did mine through TT on the 6th of January and it was accepted on the 17th. Still no update through WMR. Does anyone have a number for the IRS where I can actually speak to a human being? The only number I have is for the automated system to check the status of a refund.

  24. Heather on said:

    I filed using Turbo Tax on Jan 14. IRS accepted on Jan. 18 and it shows no update on IRS website. When I all the 800 number it also say no information. I fusterated! Please post when the IRS updates for you as we are in the same boat and wondering.

  25. Willard O on said:

    Refund information is updated once a week on the IRS web site and TeleTax system, so the IRS suggests that you wait a week before calling back if your refund information is not on the IRS web site or TeleTax system.

    IRS refunds are sent out weekly on Fridays. If you entered direct deposit information on your tax return, check on Friday to see if your refund was direct deposited into your bank account.

  26. sounique_0 on said:

    Doodlebug, I copied this information from another member.
    You can call that Department directly at 1-800-829-0922 option 1 when it askes for SS# hit 0 then hit 9 you may need to hit the 9 a couple more times but it will get you to live agent. Hope this helps.

    I’m on hold with them now, the automated system says that there is a 15 minute wait time. I guess a lot of people are calling in since the online and automated response is not updating for some.

  27. Mine is not updating either. I used turbo tax online, filed on the 17th, got the email Monday morning (the 18th) that it was accepted, yet when I go to check where my refund is, after I enter my info, it asks if I entered it correctly, then asks for the date I filed and method, then it tells me “Sorry we cannot provide any information about your return”

    SO frustrating!

  28. Jason on said:

    E-filed using on January 8th. Accepted on January 17th and no information on “wheres my refund” as of yet. Very frustrating. Hoping that our refund will be deposited on the 29th as the refund cycle schedule shows. Good luck to everyone. We will update as soon as we find out any new info. Everyone else that has posted please do the same. Maybe it will ease everyones minds as the updates start coming in.

  29. Angel on said:

    I am havine same issue. i filed on 15th, accepted 17th and still no update on irs.. now tt check status says federal extension accepted and should be deposited on 29th….what is extension??

  30. Michelle on said:

    I am having the same problem I e filed with Turbo tax on 1/18 and it was accepted by IRS the same day and every time I check where’s my refund it says I may have entered information in incorrect, then says they have information on my refund I am getting frustrated, I always file early and always have info available in WMR so I don’t know what the deal is this year. I will keep you posted if my status updates..

  31. nubysmom on said:

    Filed on 01/12/10, accepted on 01/18/10…no updates on WMR or the automated system…I pray that my funds are in on the 29TH..WILL KEEP EVERYONE UPDATED

  32. same problem here, I e-filed with TT on 01/15 accepted on 01/18, still cannot get status on IRS “where’s my refund” link. It always say no information found. I have called the IRS several times and was indeed told that they had my return and it was being processed. I will be very glad when the day come were I do not have to sit and depend on a tax return. But until then, I wants whats mine. Hoping for a DD by 01/29

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